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Upcoming – 2024 Fluid Art Bear Workshop

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Fluid Art Bear Workshop

Fluid Art Bear Workshop

Next workshop date:

  • Sunday, 7 July 2024

Do you enjoy creating something uniquely yours? For your own collection or as a gift for someone special?

Be inspired and join this fun, guided workshop to create your own bear! Choose your favourite colours in different hues using acrylic pouring paints and watch the patterns and colours unfold! All supplies are provided and just pick one bear size of your choice and let your creativity flows!

Limited to one small or medium bear per person for each workshop, but you may add on a keychain bear for a special price (limited to one per person) to match your bigger bear!

Light refreshments will be included for a relaxing time to bond with friends or family! Suitable for both adults and kids above 8 years old.

* See Terms and Conditions

Price to complete your bear (choose either small or medium bear):

1 x medium bear (33cm)

1 x small bear (23cm)

Optional add on (with one small/medium bear order):

1 x Key chain bear (6.5cm)
B$5.00 each

*Special twin and family packs available, please click registration link for more information.

  • Registration on first-come-first-served basis.
  • No sharing of small or medium bear, two persons can go for the special twin pack to enjoy the experience together 🙂
  • Limited class size 12 pax for each guided workshop.
  • Workshop fee is not refundable but it is transferable to another person.

Thank you!

About the Forum

The Art industry is a specific sector within the creative industry that contributes to the creative economy. In Brunei Darussalam, it is nascent industry with growth potential if properly nurtured and developed in a conducive environment. Art is inclusive, as it transcends all ages, gender, cultures, ethnicity, abilities and can bring great potential and socio-economic benefits with positive spillover effects, including entrepreneurial opportunities.

The objective of this forum is to bring together several speakers in various related fields to share how the development of this industry can contribute to job creation. business opportunities, market expansion beyond the borders and the role of key players in the ecosystem of Art Industry. By providing an overview on the contribution to the economy, sharing respective international experience and local scenes, it is hoped that this forum can stimulate further conversation and thought process to grow and develop this industry and to connect with the wider markets outside Brunei Darussalam.


Art Industry Forum - Irene
Dr Irene Yap

Head of Economics, Research and Statistics
Brunel Darussalam Central Bank

Art Industry Forum - Lopes
Dr Rui Oliveira Lopes

Senior Assistant Professor
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Universiti Brunel Darussalam

Art Industry Forum - John
John Tung

Independent Curator and Exhibition Maker

Art Industry Forum - Osman
Osman Mohammad

Founder and Managing Director
Creative Space Studio and Art Gallery
Brunei Darussalam

More details, workshop dates and package options in the registration form.

Dr Irene Yap
John Tung
Dr Rui Oliveira Lopes
Osman Mohammad