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Synopsis – Canvas of Calm Forum – Making, Sharing and Mending (Dr. Amanda)

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Making, Sharing and Mending

Dr Amanda E Woodford (Prof Doc) will share her experiences of art and arts-making embedded in therapy, community well-being, education, research, supervision, and the practice of (self) care. She will incorporate examples from community-based facilitation or well-being projects, from her arts-based Doctoral research into experiences of living with postoperative ongoing pain, and other personal works.

Amanda will speak to the nuances and benefits of an arts practice while considering abilities and difficulties, including the use of arts-making tools and spaces. She will offer arts-based techniques that she has found supportive and that others might find helpful in communicating ‘what matters’ when words alone are not enough or fail us.

The presentation ‘Making, Sharing, and Mending’ will be a bricolage, a combination, of stories with images. Amanda hopes that from the various fragments of experiences shared, those gathered will find pieces that are relatable or inspirational in a myriad of contexts.