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Hi, I am Irene. To me, art and creativity permeates in our daily lives. Art is a form of expression. That can be a personal journey, which is meant for oneself, to be shared or to be showcased to create connections and conversations. The way I look at and appreciate art does not establish any boundaries between fine art in a museum or gallery and the art created uniquely as a form of self-expression, including a doodle on a napkin while in deep thoughts over coffee. Each artistic creation can be planned or spontaneous and even accidental or unintentional. Each piece is unique in its own way.

SynARTgy intends to recognise the encompassing value of art from personal development to community building and professional opportunities. We aim to connect and bring people together through art, and to create a sense of community as we believe that art transcends all races, gender, age, cultures and has no boundaries. SynARTgy is about developing a network for engagement and collaboration between the community, artists and professionals to create synergies towards a sustainable art industry.

Hence, SynARTgy is born.

Upcoming Activities

Fluid Art Bear Workshop

Fluid Art Bear Workshop

9 & 10 December 2023
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